Specializing in Buyouts, Closeouts, Overstocks, and Overruns.

1. Purchase

International Purchase Systems will provide immediate funds and take title and delivery of your inventory at a mutually agreed upon price.

2. Joint Venture Partnership

We will enter into an agreement with the seller to manage the entire asset disposition process on a revenue share basis. Our goal is to free up your inventory space and to market the inventory to our vast network of online and offline resources. You ship your surplus inventory to our distribution center and we do the rest! International Purchase Systems manages the complete distribution process by warehousing, marketing, selling, and shipping the products on behalf of our partner.

3. Non-profit/Tax-exempt Transaction

Corporate gifts of excess inventory can be converted into a tax credit for your company, at a maximum tax deduction allowable by law. You can publicly acknowledge a gift to charity at your full cost of the inventory. As liquidating agent for a fully tax exempt 501 nonprofit foundation, we are able to arrange for the receiving and liquidation of all types of inventories as donations to the foundation.

Client Benefits
  • Improve earnings per share, generate immediate cash flow and improve company's balance sheet
  • Eliminate markdowns/losses usually associated with problematic assets
  • Free up valuable warehouse space
  • Expand market reach with over a thousand new potential retail/wholesale customers worldwide
  • Clean out your stale merchandise and keep your inventory current. Your customers will be able to focus on current merchandise, rather than last years residuals. It will allow you to concentrate on selling profitable items, making your business more productive and efficient.
  • Maintain low profile and avoid channel conflict
  • Unload odd-lot quantities of many SKUs
  • New online distribution cahnnel with 60 million potential online customers
  • Full-time customer service support staff
  • Total warehousing and logistics support
  • Dedicated Relationship Manger

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